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Monday, 14 May 2018

5 Must Try Dishes in Dubai (New Dishes)

Dubai used to be the land of pearls but eventually the country was transformed by the lucrative oil industry. Today, Dubai is considered to be a man-made marvel with tens of thousands of tourists visiting every year. However, your Dubai experience would be incomplete without a dive into its colorful and glorious past. The eccentric heritage keeps on shining through its rich artwork, songs, culture and most importantly, the food. The Emirati cuisine is unlike anything else you would have ever experienced and it would definitely take you back in time. Here are 5 dishes that you must try!

1. Stuffed Camel

This preparation holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest food you can eat anywhere on earth! It’s a celebratory food that has been passed on by generations. Today, a luxury preparation, The Stuffed Camel is cooked over an open flame and is filled with eggs, sheep meat, chicken, fish and some very exotic spices. As you can imagine, it’s as meaty as it can get! Since it is a big food, it is only served in special occasions like a marriage or a Bedouin ceremony. If you are already drooling over, plan your visit accordingly!

2. Shawarma

Wherever you are in the world, you must have had Shawarma or at least have heard about it. Well, this is another meaty preparation that originated from the United Arab Emirates. It’s a kind of sandwich that offers slow roasted lamb or chicken. In Dubai, you get to taste it wrapped in the true Arabic roti, served with fries, tomatoes, pickles, vegetables, and garlic sauce. The dish itself is truly authentic and options for the sides are in fact endless.

3. Al Harees

This is yet another dish that requires hours of preparation like the Stuffed Camel. However, the ingredients here are quite simple. A pot of wheat and meat, along with a pinch of salt is slow cooked until the mixture turns into a smooth and uniform paste. In fact, when served, you can barely tell the meat from the wheat. After the paste is made, the mixture is baked for several hours in low flame and served with spices and side dishes. It would be a surprising and unique change from the usual dishes you find in Dubai.

4. Matchbous

Source: www.bestdesertsafariindubai.com

Another non-vegetarian preparation from lamb meat, the Matchbous is locally known as loomi. The first part of the recipe is slow cooking dried and ripe limes in salt water. After a while, the lamb meat is added to the stew along with boiled rice and tomatoes. Lastly, some very unique spices are added to the mix. The traditionally prepared Matchbous offers a flavor that is sharp, spicy, rich and definitely unique. The usual flavors that you can tell include cassia bark, baharat, turmeric and cardamom. A platter of Matchbous is definitely satisfying if you are a hard core non-vegetarian.

5. Ghuzi

 Source: www.marthastewart.com

Another meat preparation, the Ghuzi is made from whole roasted mutton or lamb and served with vegetable, kebab skewers and hazelnuts along with rice. This is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai and will be a meal that you shouldn’t miss. In fact, the Ghuzi is also the National Dish of United Arab Emirates, giving you another reason to try the experience.

6. Luqaimat

Here’s a sweet surprise at the end of this meaty article. :)
Luqaimat are sweet dumplings of fried dough. These crunchy dumplings are soaked in date syrup to add on to its taste. Better yet? Low calorie variants of this emirati delight are also made at home. But, for the love of sweet god, try the authentic Luqaimat at Al Fanar, Hum Yum or Logma Boxpark at least once.

Traditional Dubai flavors are a mix of Arabic, Iranian and Lebanese food. A lot of the preparation has been handed over across generations. All the above dishes remind you of the exotic celebratory culture of the past. Regardless of you being a foodie, you certainly cannot miss to admire the luscious and rich flavors that each preparation offers. It’s a foodgasm for sure!

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